Акатегориа:Шәгәышәҽаныз, авторитет змоу адыррақәа реиԥшрагәаҭагақәа рдаҟьақәа азхәыцра ахәҭоуп

Аматериал Авикипедиа аҟынтә - зхы иақәиҭу аенциклопедиа

This category may contain pages that use {{Авторитет змоу адыррақәа}} or are associated with the template, and which need attention. They are sorted under the various different issues, listed below.

  • A: Invalid QID specified with |additional= parameter.
  • D: A page is connected to a Wikidata item but has a |qid= parameter which does not match. (This parameter will be ignored by the template, but it's probably worth to check what has happened and remove the invalid parameter.)
  • L: One or more Wikidata items is lacking an English label so cannot be displayed.
  • N: Page has a non-existent authority control category. The most likely cause is that a new identifier has recently been added, but the editor has yet to create the corresponding categories.
  • P: Unrecognised property number in |suppress= parameter.
  • Q: Invalid QID specified with |qid= parameter.
  • R: Additional parameter is a duplicate of qid parameter.
  • S: A page is using an unrecognised |state= parameter. It should be either collapsed, expanded or autocollapse. Any invalid values can be fixed or removed.
  • U: Categories listed here do not conform to any expected naming convention, rendering the template useless. The solution is to either remove the template from the category, or improve/update the module to accommodate the new category naming convention.


Ари акатегориа зынӡа анаҩстәи 135 акатегориеиҵақәа дҭакуп рҟынтәи 135.


Адаҟьақәа акатегориаҟны «Шәгәышәҽаныз, авторитет змоу адыррақәа реиԥшрагәаҭагақәа рдаҟьақәа азхәыцра ахәҭоуп»

Ари акатегориаҟны анаҩстәи 6 адаҟьақәа дҭакуп рҟынтәи 6.