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Сухуми is not apsua--Rocastelo 22:09, 15 Apr 2005 (UTC)

Арый асайт ҟазҵаз ақырҭуа империалистцәа рауп ҳәа сгәы йаанагойт (It seems to me this site was created by georgian imperialists).

Мшыбзи'а! Actually most of the users here do not speak Abkhaz and know little about Abkhazia. We just want to help. We would be grateful if you would also help. If you can add some accurate information about Abkhazia (and neighbouring countries), then hopefully this wikipedia will start to grow. --Chamdarae 06:35, 11 September 2005 (UTC)

Арый асайт Aҧсны йазкыуп. Қырҭтәыла йадҳәалау аинфармацйа ара йаҭахъым (This site is devoted to Abkhazia. Information about Georgia is out of picture here).

No, this site is intended to be an encyclopaedia written in Abkhaz. Any good encyclopaedia should have articles about ALL topics, including information about Georgia. -- 10:20, 13 September 2005 (UTC)

Nevertheless, it's a bit strange that the first (and the only) category in section Geography is about Georgia. Don't you think so.

Yes, it is strange, but please keep in mind that you can modify any page by clicking the "edit" button. If I knew Abkhaz, I would do that. By the way, what's the Abkhaz translation for "Wikipedia -- The free encyclopedia", where "free" means as in "unrestrained" (not "free of cost")? -- 05:07, 14 September 2005 (UTC)
It is strange, yes. If you see anything strange like that you can easily correct it with the 'edit' button. And while I think of it, what is the correct Abkhaz word for 'geography'? (More comments here.) --Chamdarae 14:06, 13 September 2005 (UTC)

Free encyclopedia - Зх’ы йақәыйҭыу аенциклопедиа Geography - Географиа There is one thing that I do not understand. This encyclopedia is free. Does it mean that I may edit or delete everything I want?

Yes, that is what it means :))

Вообще-то Грузия по-абхазский будет не "Қырҭтәыла", а просто "Карт" 15:01, 4 абҵара 2018 (UTC)

Многоуважаемый а Вы на какие источники операетесь? Как я знаю слово «Қарҭ» - это абхазское наименование города Тбилиса, которая также именуется и мегрелами и сванами. Вот выписка из „Каслаӡиа В. А. АҦСУА-АУРЫС ЖƏАР, АҞƏА 2005“ - «Қырҭтəы́латəи прил. относящееся к Грузии: Қырҭтəылатəи аӡиасқəа реки Грузии».--Surprizi (обсуждение) 14:30, 10 абҵара 2018 (UTC)