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    Hello and welcome to the Abkhazian Wikipedia! We appreciate your contributions. If your Abkhazian skills are not good enough, that’s no problem. We have an embassy where you can inquire for further information in your native language. We hope you enjoy your time here!
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    Surprizi (обсуждение) 14:32, 1 ажьырныҳәа 2018 (UTC)

    Work on flag templates[акод аредакциазура]

    Hi! About flags I think, if we decided to make enciclopedia we first should know correct name of the country, without probability and our imaiginations!!! So I know one good place which can become for abwiki like compass. This is Abkhazian language site where we can see news into ап,сшэа. So inside the site someware it is possible to find latest, correct names of some countries. Without this we havenot right to make articles or flag templetes.-Surprizi (обсуждение) 14:35, 5 ажьырныҳәа 2021 (UTC)

    Hello. Good idea. ;-) Sputnik-ab might be a good resource, but it will be about waiting for a place or situation to happen, in order to extract the names we need. In the meanwhile, I found this: http://apsnyteka.org/file/Terminologichesky_slovar_1960_abh.pdf Maybe you already saw this, but it is a good reference too. I will look for another sourcebook. Ah, too bad, there is no sandbox to create a listof confirmed and correct names.--Fraxinus.cs (обсуждение) 17:21, 5 ажьырныҳәа 2021 (UTC)
    I think this book is not useful for us, because it is old one. For example word Абаӷәаза is written like Абаӷуаза. This is old stile and this will give us on the wrong way! Beside that, this is just vocebulary and all that wards is possible to find in Kaslandzias book.-Surprizi (обсуждение) 08:46, 6 ажьырныҳәа 2021 (UTC)

    Недерландтәи Антилтәи Адгьылбжьахақәа--Surprizi (обсуждение) 17:31, 9 ажьырныҳәа 2021 (UTC)

    Thank you. I have a proposal: to write the verified names on the discusion page of the article.--Fraxinus.cs (обсуждение) 19:15, 9 ажьырныҳәа 2021 (UTC)
    As I informed, very soon will publish new book with geographical names into abshwa.-Surprizi (обсуждение) 09:28, 10 ажьырныҳәа 2021 (UTC)

    Hurrying[акод аредакциазура]

    Hi dear friend! I think you are hurrying somewhere, but where I don't know! Anyway I will delete everything what you will mark, but be more patient! There is no need hurry!!! This is Wikipedia and how you will not increase speed anyway Abwiki will unfinished. ok? :-)--Surprizi (обсуждение) 13:52, 3 жәабран 2021 (UTC)

    Hello. Sorry, sometimes it is a bad call from my side, but this is a pain that must be endured, there is no other way. Occasionally I make a mistake, for example a mistype in the name of the category which means more work for me or you, and sometimes I have to deal with someone else's "work". But on the other hand, this wiki now looks much better than before. And there are lots of articles I haven't reviewed yet, so I am hurrying to do everything from А то Ә. Quite recently I have had a lot of time. I had 11 days holiday (taken my days off from my work), but in the same time, majority of my own family got infected by "you know what, so even if I was not ill, I still had to stay at home sitting, in my country everything is still closed down. And I am now too old for just playing computer games all the day everyday... So this concludes my answer.--Fraxinus.cs (обсуждение) 15:12, 3 жәабран 2021 (UTC)
    Ok! Thank you for your additions and job in abwiki!--Surprizi (обсуждение) 07:41, 4 жәабран 2021 (UTC)

    Date, comma[акод аредакциазура]

    https://ab.wikipedia.org/wiki/%D0%90%D1%88%D0%B0%D0%B1%D0%BB%D0%BE%D0%BD:Date# Comma already added.Surprizi (обсуждение) 15:39, 26 мшаԥымза 2021 (UTC)Ответить[аҭак ҟаҵатәуп]

    curency[акод аредакциазура]

    AUD Австралиатәи адоллар
    AZN Азербаиџьантәи аманаҭ
    AMD Аерман драмқәав
    BYR Белоруссиатәи амааҭқәа
    BGN Болгариатәи алев
    BRL Бразилиатәи ареал
    HUF Венгриатәи афоринтқәа
    KRW Кореиатәи Ареспублика авонқәа
    DKK Даниатәи акронқәа
    INR Индиатәи арупиқәа
    KZT Ҟазахтәи атенгеқәа
    CAD Канадатәи адоллар
    KGS Ҟырҕызтәи асомқәа
    CNY Китаитәи аиуанқәа
    LVL Латвиатәи алат
    LTL Литватәи алит
    MDL Молдавиатәи алеиқәа
    RON Румыниатәи алеи ҿыцқәа
    TMT Ҭуркмениатәи аманаҭ ҿыц
    NOK Норвегиатәи акронқәа
    PLN Польшатәи азлотықәа
    XDR АҧАзҶ (аҧсахра азин ҷыда)
    SGD Сингапуртәи адоллар
    TJS Ҭаџьықьтәи асомониқәа
    TRY Ҭырқәтәылатәи алира
    UZS Узбеқьтәи асумқәа
    UAH Украинатәи гривнақәа
    GBP Еиду акралра афунт стерлинг
    CZK Чехиатәи акронқәа
    SEK Швециатәи акронқәа
    CHF Швеицариатәи афранк
    ZAR Аладаафрикатәи арендқәа
    JPY Иапониатәи аиенқәа

    Pomoc[акод аредакциазура]

    Asalame, jsi administrátor na Abchazské Wikipedii, chci vytvořit článek o tamním ozbrojeném konfliktu pomocí karty "{{Ozbrojený konflikt" Snažím se to napsat v abcházštině ({{Abџyar eibaҭou aimak), ale nemůžete přijít na to, co napsat do názvu karty?-- Ари алагала инапынҵамҭада иациҵеит алахәыла Scrooge muc.duck (ахцәажәараалагалақәа) 10:30, 15 рашәарамза 2022 (UTC)Ответить[аҭак ҟаҵатәуп]

    I see on your profile you are able to communicate in English. Therefore I would ask you to not using the translator to write me. It does not work very well and it did funny things with the important parts of your question. :) So I am not quite sure what you want from me. Do you want to create a template for the armed conflicts? As long as I know something like this does not exist on this wikipedia yet. If yes, I believe you are not experienced enough to create one, and my knowledge of the Abkhaz language is not sufficient enough to do it myself. First there should be some rather long pages about conflicts. We can create a template later. And, I am not the administrator. I am just an ordinary user like you.--Fraxinus.cs (ахцәажәара) 12:22, 15 рашәарамза 2022 (UTC)Ответить[аҭак ҟаҵатәуп]