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This citation template provides formatting and organizational features for footnotes. It encapsulates the <references /> tag used by the Ашаблон:Cite.php MediaWiki extension to show the list of references as defined by <ref> tags. It adds support for sizing the column width, groups and Ашаблон:Ldr.


There are no required parameters; if none are supplied, a single-column list will be generated if there are fewer than 10 references in the list. If you have more than 10 references, it will use columns of 30em wide if your device allows this.

Optional parameters are:

  • Unnamed parameter (must be the first one if used): the minimum width for each column of references, typically in ems. Syntax (for example) |30em with no space (i.e. not |30 em). Note that this replaces colwidth—see § Obsolete parameters.
  • refs: used with Ашаблон:Ldr.
  • group: identifies by name the subset of references to be rendered; the value should correspond to that used inline, e.g., {{Reflist|group=groupname}} renders all references with groupname as the group name (<ref group="groupname">). There are five pre-defined group names that style the list differently. See § Grouped references below.
  • liststyle: specifies the style used when the reference list is rendered. The default is a numbered list. When set, it will override the style set by the |group= parameter, without affecting group functionality. See § List styles below.


Using only footnote-style references
Markup Renders as
Lorem ipsum.<ref>Source name, access date, etc.</ref>

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet.<ref>Source name, access date, etc.</ref>


Lorem ipsum.[1] Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet.[2]

Ашаблон:Fake heading

  1. Source name, access date, etc.
  2. Source name, access date, etc.