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When a Wikipedia article is large, it is often written in summary style. This template is used after the heading of the summary, to link to the subtopic article that has been summarized. For Category namespace, please use {{Cat main}} instead.

Use of this template should be restricted to the purposes described above. It is not to be used as a substitute for inline links or {{Further}} template. The latter is used when the section expounds a specific aspect of the topic instead of summarizing its article. For example, in phthalate, the template under he "Endocrine disruptor" section should not be {{Main|Endocrine disruptor}}, because the section specifically deals with phthalate as an endocrine disruptor and not endocrine disruptors in general.


Ихадароу астатиа: WP:SUMMARYHATNOTE



  • {{Main}}
Ихадароу астатиа: [[{{{1}}}]]
  • {{Main|Астатиа}}
Ихадароу астатиа: Астатиа
  • {{Main|Астатиа#Section title}}
Ихадароу астатиа: Астатиа#Section title
  • {{Main|Астатиа#Section|l1=Custom section label}}
Ихадароу астатиа: Астатиа#Section
  • {{Main|Астатиа1|Астатиа2|Астатиа3}}
Ихадароу астатиа: Астатиа1
  • {{Main|Астатиа1|l1=Custom label 1|Астатиа2|l2=Custom label 2}}
Ихадароу астатиа: Астатиа1
  • {{Main|(15760) 1992 QB1|l1={{mp|(15760) 1992 QB|1}}}}
Ихадароу астатиа: (15760) 1992 QB1

Шәахә. иара убас

  • {{Main list}}: For a more comprehensive list, see Article.
  • {{Broader}}: For broader coverage of this topic, see Article.
  • {{Excerpt}}, which allows transclusion of text (such as an intro section) from one article into another
  • {{Further}}: Further information: Article.
  • {{Official website}}