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The {{Crossreference}} (a.k.a. {{crossref}} or {{xref}}) template formats text into a standardized style for an inline (not block-level) "(See also ...)"-type parenthetical Wikipedia crossreference to other Wikipedia material. When on different pages, these are unprintworthy Wikipedia self-references. When crossreferencing material on the same page, they are not. For block-level crossreferences, see the {{Hatnote}} meta-template and its various progeny ({{See also}}, etc.). The output is ultimately produced by Module:Hatnote inline. It actually does support a block-level mode, however, for special cases (see parameter documentation below).

See Category:Cross-reference templates for other templates derived from or similar to this template.

Usage[акод аредакциазура]

The template does not automatically create links of any kind. Links and other desired formatting (round brackets, terminal punctuation) must be explicitly added, using normal Wikipedia markup.

Basic crossreference to another page:

Markup Renders as
{{Crossreference|(See also [[Radical Whigs]].)}}

(See also Radical Whigs.)

Basic crossreference on same page:

Markup Renders as
{{Crossreference|selfref=no|(see [[#Parameters]])}}

(see #Parameters)

All parameters:

Markup Renders as
{{Crossreference|class=class1 class2|selfref=no|inline=no|Blargh:
* Foo
* Bar
* Baz

Parameters[акод аредакциазура]

This template accepts the following parameters:

  • |1= or |text= or |content= – The cross-reference text (required). While the explicit naming of this parameter with |1=, |text=, or |content= is not required, it is always safest to use it this way, since any = character in the text will break the template if the parameter is unnamed.
  • |class= or |extraclasses= – Any extra CSS classes to be added. This should not normally be used.
  • |selfref=no – If set to no (or n, false, 0, etc.), removes the default CSS class selfref, used to denote unprintworthy self-references to Wikipedia (see Template:Selfref for more information). This option should not be used on cross-article links, only links within the same article (and the shorthand templates {{See above}} and {{See below}} can be used for this purpose). The parameter aliases |printworthy=yes (or with any other value, like y, true, 1, etc.) and |unprintworthy=no (or n, false, 0) have the same effect as |selfref=no. This can also be used for cross-references between internal Wikipedia pages such as guidelines and policies; there is no rationale to suppress the printing-out of links in this case.
  • |inline= – Defaults to yes. If set to no (or n, false, 0, etc.), it will use a <div> element instead of a <span>, so you can use block-level elements inside it, such as a list. The difference between {{Crossreference|inline=no|...}} and {{Hatnote|...}} is that the former is not indented the way the latter is. This de-indentation is done by WP:TemplateStyles, specifically in [[Template::Crossreference/styles.css]].

CSS[акод аредакциазура]

This template always adds the CSS class crossreference, so you can use WP:User styles to do as you wish with it. You will need to use !important probably only in the case that you want to override this template's non-indentation when it is in block mode (i.e., when you do want it indented the way {{Hatnote}} works), and you'll be doing this with on-site user style, such as Special:MyPage/common.css. This is because TemplateStyles actually load after on-site user styles, so you must override the TemplateStyle with the !important priority flag.

Redirects[акод аредакциазура]

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Шәахә. иара убас[акод аредакциазура]

Template data[акод аредакциазура]

Здесь приведена документация в формате TemplateData для данного шаблона, которая используется в визуальном редакторе и прочих инструментах.

Документация TemplateData для шаблона: Crossreference

formats text into a standardized style for an inline (not block-level) "(See also ...)"-type parenthetical Wikipedia crossreference to other Wikipedia material.

Параметры шаблона

Шаблон использует строчное форматирование параметров.

texttext 1 content

без описания

printworthyprintworthy selfref

без описания

Логическое значениенеобязательный
CSS classesclass extraclasses

без описания


без описания

Логическое значениенеобязательный