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This template is similar to {{Commons category}} but shows 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 categories, and allows changing width or floating the box to the left.

Usage: {{Commons category multi | topic1 | topic2 | position=left | width=20em}}
Usage: {{Commons category multi | topic1 | topic2 | topic3}}
Usage: {{Commons category multi | topic1 | topic2 | topic3 | topic4}}
Usage: {{Commons category multi | topic1 | t2 | t3 | t4 | t5 | t6}}

The template will state "Wikimedia Commons has media related to (category):..." and then display the first 2 topic names in bold/italics as "topic1 or topic2" (as links). The optional topics 3 or 4 would be on the next line ("or topic3 or topic4"). Optional topics 5 and 6 would be on a third line.

The optional |position=left shifts the box to the left margin. The template is on the right margin by default.

|delimiter= specifies which delimiter is used to separate each entry. Be careful, as this parameter accepts wikicode as well. So, to specify semicolon (;) as the delimiter (which is the Wikicode for definition list), use {{;}} instead. Because the leading and trailing spaces are ignored, use   to indicate space.

Note that the topic names should exist as category names in Wikimedia Commons (edited using a Wikimedia login name).


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The following examples show the results of the template uasge.

{{Commons category multi | Gold | Silver}}
This example shows the use of |position=left

{{Commons category multi | Red | Pale Green | position=left}}

{{Commons category multi | Los Angeles | New York}}
This example shows links to misspelled words, in this case "Les Angles".

{{Commons category multi | Les Angles | Now York}}

{{Commons category multi | Ludwig van Beethoven | Richard Strauss}}
{{Commons category multi | Gold | Silver | Bronze}}
{{Commons category multi | Gold | Silver | Bronze | Iron}}
This example shows the use of delimiters. See "Usage" section above for explanation.

{{Commons category multi | Gold | Silver | Bronze | Iron | Copper | Brass |delimiter={{;}} }}


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