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The {{collapse top}} template (or {{cot}}), and its paired template {{collapse bottom}} (or {{cob}}), are used for placing a collapse box around a talk page discussion, especially when the content contains complex wikimarkup such as tables. For very simple content, the one-piece template {{collapse}} can be used instead.

Ашаблон:Collapse Templates These templates should only be used in accordance with the Wikipedia:Refactoring guideline; they should never be used to end a discussion over the objections of other editors, except in cases of unambiguous disruptive editing.

Do not hide content in articles. This violates the Ашаблон:Collapse bottom § Notes and Wikipedia:Accessibility guidelines.


Place {{collapse top}} (or {{cot}}), and {{collapse bottom}} (or {{cob}}), around the text to be collapsed. For example:

{{collapse top|title=This is the title text}}
Sample contents text
{{collapse bottom}}


This is the title text

Sample contents text

{{collapse bottom}} should always be placed on its own line. Do not place any characters before the template on this line. (This means that if you use the Reply Tool, you need to remember to manually remove the colon (:) or colons it inserts at the start of each line to maintain proper indentation after replying)

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