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Аматериал Авикипедиа аҟынтә - зхы иақәиҭу аенциклопедиа
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The {{Акатегориа ҭацәы ҟалоит}} template may be placed at the top of any category page for which it is normal that it sometimes is empty. This is typical for some maintenance, tracking and clean-up categories. It shows up only when the category is detected as empty.

Experience has shown that people sometimes delete those categories, thinking that they are no longer in use. However, if a legitimate WP:G8 criteria applies, such as "Categories populated by deleted or retargeted templates", then deletion may take place. Admins should check if a legitimate G8 applies before deleting.

This template is also intended to be used to prevent these categories from being listed at Wikipedia:Database reports/Empty categories.


  • Adding |hide=true makes the template invisible.

Шәахә. иара убас

  • {{Db-a3}} (Db-empty)
  • {{Db-c1}} (Db-catempty)
  • {{Void}}

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