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This magic word allows "=" to be used in unnamed template parameters, rather than being interpreted as the separator between the parameter name and value. It evaluates to the equals sign, =. Alternatively, the HTML entity "=" can be used if there is no need for it to be interpreted as wikimarkup, such as when the literal equals-sign is to be displayed to the user. Until June 2022, there was a template at this location with the same function, but it was replaced with a magic word for performance reasons in Phab:T91154.

Do not use syntax like {{Template:=}}, and do not supply a parameter, for example {{=|foo}}. In those cases, the template transcludes as an error message: Error: The retired template {{=}} has been transcluded; see mw:Help:Magic words#Other for details. To fix this, use only the code {{=}} to generate the = character.

Do not use the magic word in URLs rather use percent-encoding or no encoding:

  • Wrong: https://example.com/?arg{{=}}789
  • Correct: https://example.com/?arg%3D789
  • Correct: https://example.com/?arg=789


  • {{Font color|black|yellow|2 + 2 {{=}} 4}} produces: 2 + 2 = 4

You can also use named parameters to bypass the restriction:

  • {{Font color|black|yellow|3= 2 + 2 = 4}} produces: 2 + 2 = 4

Unlike =, the magic word only delays the interpretation of the symbol as code:

{{concat|<div style{{=}}"font-style:italic">This should be italicised.</div>}}
{{concat|<div style&#61;"font-style:italic">This will not be italicised.</div>}}

produces: Ашаблон:Concat Ашаблон:Concat


Здесь приведена документация в формате TemplateData для данного шаблона, которая используется в визуальном редакторе и прочих инструментах.

Документация TemplateData для шаблона: =

A magic word to allow = to be used in template parameters

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Шаблон использует собственное форматирование параметров.

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