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Аматериал Авикипедиа аҟынтә - зхы иақәиҭу аенциклопедиа
   Ирласны ахархәара Бзиала шәаабеит аԥсуа википедиаҿы!
Раԥхьатәи ашьаҿақәа Википедиа алахәылацәа рыхьӡала аԥсуа бызшәа аҩшараҿ аԥсшәа шәасҳәоит.

Ԥрызхьаԥш ихадароу апринципқәа ахарахәраҿы: шәацәымшәакәа гәыразыла имҩақәышәҵа.

Асгьы иауеит аҵаҩра
Википедиа аҿы иҟоу астатиақәа иаҭахуп аҵаҩра (авторцәа рсиа ишьақәгылоит ирласны астатиа аҭоурых ариашараҿ) аха шәара ишәҭахызар аицәажәара аҽалархәра афорум аҿы, ма даҽа даҟьақәак рҿы, иаҵашәҩла, шәхы иашәырхәа ҧшьдыргак тильда (~~~~), ма иахәҭоу ақәаӷәӷәага. Напыла ахьыӡшьар напыла арбара аҭахым.

Алахәылашәа шәара шәдаҟьаҿ ишәылшоит ишәҳәар маҷӡк шәхазы акы, иуҳәозар абызшәазы ижәдыруа, ма аинтерес зҵоу хҭыск.

Иара убас ишәозар азҵаара шәхы иашәырхәа асистематә цхыраара. Иара убас ишәзымԥшаазар аҭак ишәымаз азҵаараҿ, шәазҵаа апроект афорумаҿ, ма аус адышәул шәдаҟьаҿ ахцәажәарала, ианышәҵы уа {{helpme}} шәтекст азҵаара иазықәгылоу — шәара ишәыцхраауеит.

Ус ишәзалымҵуазар астатиа ариашара, аха шәгәы иҭазар иарахьы азыхынҳәра, ибжьашәыргыл атекст алагамҭаз {{In use|~~~~}}, егьырҭ алахәцәа ирдыруазарц.

Даҽаныхгьы бзиала шәаабеит!

Hello and welcome to the Abkhazian Wikipedia! We appreciate your contributions. If your Abkhazian skills are not good enough, that’s no problem. We have an embassy where you can inquire for further information in your native language. We hope you enjoy your time here!
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გიორგი გამარჯობა! არძინბას სტატიაში ლოგიკური აზრი არ არსებობს რომ ჩაემატოს ქართული სახელწოდება, მით უმეტეს რუსული სახელის წინ. აღნიშნული პიროვნება მისი ცხოვრებით მიისწრაფვოდა გამიჯვნოდა ყოველივე ქართულს. და საერთოდ სეპარატისტული აფხაზეთის პოლიტწევრებზე მსგავსი მითითება აზრსმოკლებულია. არის ქართული სტატია და იქ ნახოს მსურველმა მისი ქართული სახელი და გვარი. რუსულში კი წერია ქართული, მაგრამ მე იქ ქართულის აზრს ისევე როგორც სხვა ჩანაწერების აზრს ვერ ვხედავ.--Surprizi (обсуждение) 11:08, 29 ҧхынгәы 2020 (UTC)

Surprizi: It has no point whether he was pro-Georgian or Abkhaz separatist, he was (ethnic Abkhaz) Georgian politician working on Georgian soil, somehow acting under Georgian (or Georgian SSR) jurisdiction. Thus I think his name must be in Georgian (the second official language in Abkhazia) and yes it must be before any other third party language including Russian.--Giorgi Balakhadze (обсуждение) 16:21, 29 ҧхынгәы 2020 (UTC)
Ok, I agree!--Surprizi (обсуждение) 05:30, 30 ҧхынгәы 2020 (UTC)

Please, in the future never delete or edit your history (especially old ones or other users opinions). If you will delete again I will block your account. You have right only archive that.--Surprizi (обсуждение) 05:36, 30 ҧхынгәы 2020 (UTC)

Surprizi as it was said by previous editor in description, that section is offensive and written in inappropriate wording. Thus it must be removed. This is my position to whom he/she addressed the text. So, please have actions and delete that comment.--Giorgi Balakhadze (обсуждение) 08:27, 30 ҧхынгәы 2020 (UTC)
Opinion of the user Kedth2108863 is not contain any vandalism, there is only questions which is not answered by you.--Surprizi (обсуждение) 11:23, 30 ҧхынгәы 2020 (UTC)
There is also no any vandalism in the ex-administrator Илья Драконов words. So we'll leave his words too.--Surprizi (обсуждение) 11:26, 30 ҧхынгәы 2020 (UTC)

So I don't understand your words "as it was said by previous editor in description, that section is offensive and written in inappropriate wording.", please explain more detailed, which previous editor and what is offensive and written in inappropriate wording for you?--Surprizi (обсуждение) 11:31, 30 ҧхынгәы 2020 (UTC)

I mean this revert [1], I agree with the user's opinion.--Giorgi Balakhadze (обсуждение) 13:08, 30 ҧхынгәы 2020 (UTC)
Now I understand what you mean! Now I am messiging from mobile and would you mind please help me and check country location of that three unregistred users who are trying to remove information from your page?-Surprizi (обсуждение) 15:48, 30 ҧхынгәы 2020 (UTC)
Surprizi: Two of them were from Russia, Samara, and one of them from Volgograd. But why is this important in reverting that offense that was written in 2014?--Giorgi Balakhadze (обсуждение) 19:18, 30 ҧхынгәы 2020 (UTC)
I think if someone calls you "chauvinist" or questions "your adequate thinking" certainly this is insult and not wiki standard to address another user.--Giorgi Balakhadze (обсуждение) 19:52, 30 ҧхынгәы 2020 (UTC)
Giorgi you are in the abwiki from 2014 and kawiki from 2012, so you have 8 years experience of working in Wikipedia. As you don't to know after 8 years of experience what to do when somebody writes to you wrong words, today I will teach you. First of all you need on your page answer (if you don know how to tag it needs following symbols ['[Алахәыла:XXX|XXX]']) directly to the person who as you think without anything wrote to you wrong texts. In case if you was right he/she will say that his/her words was mistake and everybody will read that bad wards against you was mistake. Now deleting and not to talking with this person it means that you are afraid to talk with him and trying to hide your mistakes after 6 years with deleting history. About unregistered persons (IP's from Russia) who are on your side, I can only say that their editions are vandalism. Please not to join them, please.--Surprizi (обсуждение) 06:13, 31 ҧхынгәы 2020 (UTC)
Surprizi I am not afraid of discussions or etc. What is I more important I noticed that "discussion" only recently, when the IP user removed it and placed {{Welcome}} template. Definitely I missed that talk in 2014. But even now, that wording is offensive it is not how users start addressing to each other. And I think, I have a right not to answer and waste time to such provocative and bad mannered users. Regarding your words "your mistakes", in law there is "presumption of innocence" and until you won't prove, you can't call someone's action as mistake - this is your mistake. Further discussion on this topic will be useless, all attitudes are clear. Good luck in building Abkhaz wiki. --Giorgi Balakhadze (обсуждение) 07:28, 31 ҧхынгәы 2020 (UTC)
Thank you very much! I will leave here notice for the future: according history unregistered person delete whole posts of two users, one of them was administrator of abwiki. I rejected this changes. Later another unregistered person made same, which was canceled by another user too. Then Giorgi made same changes (he deleted information of previous two users, but according his words he dislike only two words from first user's big text). After that I did not blocked his account, just sent him warning massage. About my mistakes, hope another administrator in the future will inform me. Now good bye!--Surprizi (обсуждение) 08:27, 31 ҧхынгәы 2020 (UTC)