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This is the spaced en dash space template; it renders text in the same format as the HTML markup sequence  – . The resulting text is three characters in a line in the following order:

  1. a non-breaking space (which cannot become a line break and will not collapse together with any normal spaces that come before the template),
  2. a short type of dash called an en dash), and
  3. one more of the same kind of non-breaking space (which will behave just like the first).

The recommended usage is to use no space before the template and no space after the template, like this:

[[Salt]]{{snds}}[[Black pepper|Pepper]]{{snds}}[[Curry]]{{snds}}[[Saffron]]
This will render one space on each side of the dash, and a line break will not come before one of the dashes nor will a line break come after one of the dashes as rendered here:
Salt – Pepper – Curry – Saffron

The template is used to connect words with an en dash but with a non-breaking space before and after the en dash. Others uses of the template "spaced en dash space" are within other templates, tables, lists, and similar things to provide a separator between items. It is also to be consistent so that the article editor can use their choice of {{bull}}, {{dot}}, {{middot}}, {{spaced en dash}}, or {{spaced en dash space}} and not have to insert the Ашаблон:Bull, Ашаблон:Dot, Ашаблон:Middot,  – , or Ашаблон:Spaced en dash space symbols; they can use any of these templates as a simple macro. See above and right for shortcuts editors can use to easily implement this template in articles.

Dot sizes

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Шәахә. иара убас

  • {{·}}, which produces a spaced bold interpunct aka middot: "Ашаблон:·"
  • {{•}}, which produces a spaced bullet point: " • "
  • {{\}}, which produces a spaced forward slash: " / "
  • {{en dash}}, which produces an unspaced en dash
  • {{spaced en dash}}, which produces a non-breaking space, followed by an en dash, and then a breaking space
  • {{em dash}}, which produces an unspaced em dash
  • Non-breaking space