Аматериал Авикипедиа аҟынтә - зхы иақәиҭу аенциклопедиа
Документация Адокументациа

This is a meta-template used for creating interwiki link boxes to other sister projects of Wikipedia. Note that links to other language Wikipedias should not use links in this form, instead use interwiki links to add them to the sidebar.


  • |text= – ацҳамҭа атекст
  • |project= – the sister project to link to. Used to select which project logo is displayed.
  • |below= – optional text to display in a full-width row below the main content. Use sparingly


|text=Авикимедиаҿ еизгоуп абри атема иазку афаилқәа: '''''[[Commons:{{{1|Special:Search/{{PAGENAME}}}}}|{{{2|{{{1|{{PAGENAME}}}}}}}}]]'''''

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