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  • en:Template:R/doc
  • {{rr}}, use this for multiple citations in one call (at present just a redirect back to {{r}}, but this may change in the future)
  • Help:List-defined references (LDR), which provides all the specifications for using list-defined references, especially with regard to naming references and groups.
  • Shortened footnotes in Wikipedia:Citing sources, which describes other methods of citing multiple pages of the same source.
  • {{sfn}}, a template that implements another way of citing multiple pages of the same source.
  • Help:Labeled section transclusion (LST) for how to define reference support sections to be used in conjunction with this template
  • {{Ref supports}} and {{Ref supports2}} alternative methods to use support sections (not compatible with this template)
  • {{rp}} to add similar superscripts to citations already defined through other means
  • {{rma}} and {{ran}} to control the order of references appearing in the references section
  • Citation bundling in Wikipedia:Citing sources, a recommended way of combining a list of several consecutive footnotes into a single footnote.
  • Wikipedia:Footnotes
  • Wikipedia:Citing sources
  • m:WMDE Technical Wishes/Book referencing (abandoned in July 2021)