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Translation notification: Wikimedia Highlights, July 2013[править код]

Hello Kolega2357,

You are receiving this notification because you signed up as a translator to srpskohrvatski / српскохрватски i Serbian (Latin script) on Meta. The page Wikimedia Highlights, July 2013 is available for translation. You can translate it here:

The priority of this page is medium.

Please consider helping non-English-language Wikimedia communities to stay updated about the most important Wikimedia Foundation activities, MediaWiki development work and other international Wikimedia news from last month. Completed translations will be announced on Facebook, Twitter, project village pumps and (for some languages) mailing lists. If you have questions about the translation notifications system, ask them here. You can manage your subscription here.

Your help is greatly appreciated. Translators like you help Meta to function as a truly multilingual community.

Thank you!

Meta translation coordinators‎, 00:31, 31 нанҳәа 2013 (UTC)