Акатегориа:CS1 атәым абызшәахь азхьарԥшқәа

Аматериал Авикипедиа аҟынтә - зхы иақәиҭу аенциклопедиа

This is a tracking category for CS1 citations that use the parameter |language= to identify non-English language sources. For an article to be categorized in a subcategory of this category, the value assigned to |language= must have a MediaWiki-supported 2-character language tag, 2-character based IETF-like language tags, or the language name associated with those tags; multiple tags/names are supported an article may appear in multiple subcategories. This category should not contain individual articles. Articles in the subcategories should only be added to them by CS1 templates using Амодуль:Citation/CS1. Subcategories in this category are ordered by language tag.


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