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Ари адаҟьа азкызаара ахцәажәарахь:

  • Алахәылацәа иззыԥштәым ринцидентқәеи, иааҟәымҵуа иӷәӷәоу ахымҩаԥгашьа рыпроблемақәеи;
  • Иузымыӡбуа аиҿагыларақәа;
  • Агәам дуқәа аԥҵаҩцәа

Hello. The creations of Special:Contribs/2600:1700:1E0:6B2F:4C18:7B7A:738A:5DBB should be deleted as the pages are essentially empty and provide no useful information. The person behind this IP, and many other IPs, go to small wikis to create such pages to boost Special:Stats. @Surprizi: pinging admin for comment. Minorax (обсуждение) 08:21, 3 ажьырныҳәамза 2022 (UTC)[аҭак ҟаҵатәуп]

Moving this topic to its respective section.
My opinion on this is conflicted. It is true that these pages contain no useful content, on the other hand this can be corrected anytime.--Fraxinus.cs (обсуждение) 09:38, 3 ажьырныҳәамза 2022 (UTC)
Well I do agree that information can be added as time passes. However, these pages were created 2 years ago with no one else editing them (not counting another spammer and users reverting the edits). Minorax (обсуждение) 10:56, 3 ажьырныҳәамза 2022 (UTC)
Good day and Happy New Year! I remember this articles. As new creating articles I approved it because it was same which I made with another years before. So I want to inform you that I again approving this articles for nowadays. In the future this kind of articles will help us build "year article" according same standard. So to delete it with my opinion is not correct.— Surprizi (обсуждение) 04:49, 4 ажьырныҳәамза 2022 (UTC)