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::::: I think if someone calls you "chauvinist" or questions "your adequate thinking" certainly this is insult and not wiki standard to address another user.--[[Алахәыла:Giorgi Balakhadze|Giorgi Balakhadze]] ([[Алахәыла ахцәажәара:Giorgi Balakhadze|обсуждение]]) 19:52, 30 ҧхынгәы 2020 (UTC)
::::::Giorgi you are in the abwiki from 2014 and kawiki from 2012, so you have 8 years experience of working in Wikipedia. As you don't to know after 8 years of experience what to do when somebody writes to you wrong words, today I will teach you. First of all you need on your page answer (if you don know how to tag it needs following symbols ['[Алахәыла:XXX|XXX]']) directly to the person who as you think without anything wrote to you wrong texts. In case if you was right he/she will say that his/her words was mistake and everybody will read that bad wards against you was mistake. Now deleting and not to talking with this person it means that you are afraid to talk with him and trying to hide your mistakes after 6 years with deleting history. About unregistered persons (IP's from Russia) who are on your side, I can only say that their editions are vandalism. Please not to join them, please.--[[Алахәыла:Surprizi|Surprizi]] ([[Алахәыла ахцәажәара:Surprizi|обсуждение]]) 06:13, 31 ҧхынгәы 2020 (UTC)
:::::::[[Алахәыла:Surprizi|Surprizi]] I am not afraid of discussions or etc. What is I more important I noticed that "discussion" only recently, when the IP user removed it and placed <code><nowiki>{{Welcome}}</nowiki></code> template. Definitely I missed that talk in 2014. But even now, that wording is offensive it is not how users start addressing to each other. And I think, I have a right not to answer and waste time to such provocative and bad mannered users. Regarding your words "your mistakes", in law there is "presumption of innocence" and until you won't prove, you can't call someone's action as mistake - this is your mistake. Further discussion on this topic will be useless, all attitudes are clear. Good luck in building Abkhaz wiki. --[[Алахәыла:Giorgi Balakhadze|Giorgi Balakhadze]] ([[Алахәыла ахцәажәара:Giorgi Balakhadze|обсуждение]]) 07:28, 31 ҧхынгәы 2020 (UTC)