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Документация Адокументациа

This template is used to show example template usage without expanding the template itself.

Basic use

(Note: In the following examples, ellipses (groups of three dots) indicate where parameters have been omitted.)

{{tlxАшаблон:\sandbox|tlx|Template|first parameter|second parameter|third|...|twentieth}} produces: {{tlxАшаблон:\sandbox|Template|first parameter|second parameter|third|...|twentieth}}

Where parameters might contain one or more equals-signs ("="), replace each equals-sign with {{=}}:

{{tlxАшаблон:\sandbox|tlx|Template|first{{=}}something|second|third{{=}}something|...|twentieth}} produces: {{tlxАшаблон:\sandbox|Template|first=something|second|third=something|...|twentieth}}

For more than ten parameters, possibly also containing equals-signs, use <nowiki>...</nowiki> thus:

{{tlxАшаблон:\sandbox|tlx|Template|<nowiki>''first''|''second''|''third=something''|...|''999th''</nowiki>}} produces: {{tlxАшаблон:\sandbox|Template|first|second|third=something|...|999th}}

Purpose and naming

Mnemonically, template link expanded (after template link).

This template allows an example of calling a template, accompanied by one or more parameters, to be displayed without also causing the template to be called.

Up to 20 of the template's parameters (numbered or nowiki-keywords) may be displayed as placeholders, while more than over 20 parameters can be displayed using a coded vertical bar (pipe) symbol, as in &#124;. A keyword parameter can be used with equals code &#61; or {{=}} or in nowiki-text: "<nowiki>size=10</nowiki>" or all parameters as a string in "<nowiki>" tags; see Examples at bottom. For more details, see this talk page. If you use 21 or more parameters, all after the 20th will be replaced with a single |... at the end of the parameter list.


If the intended template lists numerous parameters, then perhaps this template should really not be used, and just hardcode the usage with <code><nowiki>. For example:

<code><nowiki>{{Anytemplate|arg1=23|size=250px|other parameters...}}</nowiki></code>.

If a vertical display, with parameters on their own lines, is desired, this can also be laid out manually in this manner, or more rapidly done with <pre>...</pre>.


  • If the only parameter supplied is {{{1}}}, i.e. a template's name, {{tlx}}'s output is the same as {{tl}} – i.e. a link within braces – but in a monospaced font:
    • {{tl|tl}} produces: {{tl}}
    • {{tlx|tl}} produces: {{tlxАшаблон:\sandbox|tl}}
{{tl}} will also not take nor display additional parameters.
Named parameters


Setting this parameter to any non-blank value will prefix the string subst: linked to Help:Substitution. This is useful to indicate when a template should be substituted. For example, {{tlxАшаблон:\sandbox|tlx|Welcome|3=subst=Y}} produces: {{tlxАшаблон:\sandbox|Welcome|subst=Y}}. This is similar to the action of the {{tlxАшаблон:\sandbox|tlxs}} template: {{tlxАшаблон:\sandbox|tlxs|Welcome}} produces: {{subst:Welcome}}.


For an interwiki link to other sister projects, such as: |SISTER=M: (Meta), |SISTER=Q: (WikiQuote), |SISTER=S: (WikiSource), etc, facilitating interwiki template documentation and/or discussion.


For a link to Wikipedias in other languages, such as: |LANG=de: (German), |LANG=sv: (Swedish), etc, facilitating cross-language template documentation and/or discussion.


{{Tlx}} is a generalization of {{tl}}, {{tlp}} etc., with output that is arguably more legible. This depends on the browser, but narrow gaps between characters such as "Ашаблон:Thinsp{Ашаблон:Thinsp", "Ашаблон:Thinsp|Ашаблон:Thinsp", "Ашаблон:Thinsp}Ашаблон:Thinsp" and links can be hard to read when not monospaced (and hard to click on; for uses like {{!}}, see {{tlw}}, which makes the click target bigger).



There are up to 10 placeholders for parameters of the specified template.


At the en.wikipedia and Meta sites, X0, X1, X2, ... X9 are sandbox templates for experimentation on involved templates that need be in template space. An auto-cleansing software facility exists that might be used to duplicate the facility on other sister projects.
Code Result Remarks
{{tlx|x0}} {{tlxАшаблон:\sandbox|x0}}  
{{tlx|Abc}} {{tlxАшаблон:\sandbox|Abc}}  
{{tlx|ABC}} {{tlxАшаблон:\sandbox|ABC}}  
{{tlx|AbC}} {{tlxАшаблон:\sandbox|AbC}}  
{{tlx|x1|one}} {{tlxАшаблон:\sandbox|x1|one}}  
{{tlx|x2|one|two}} {{tlxАшаблон:\sandbox|x2|one|two}}  
{{tlx|x3|1|2|3|4|5|6|7|8|9|10}} {{tlxАшаблон:\sandbox|x3|1|2|3|4|5|6|7|8|9|10}}  
{{tlx|x4|1|2|3|4|5|6|7|8|9|10|11}} {{tlxАшаблон:\sandbox|x4|1|2|3|4|5|6|7|8|9|10|11}} up to 10 parameters...
{{tlx|x5|1|2|3|4|5|6|7|8|9|10&#124;11}} {{tlxАшаблон:\sandbox|x5|1|2|3|4|5|6|7|8|9|10|11}}
...&#124; for more
{{tlx|x1|x=u}} {{tlxАшаблон:\sandbox|x1|x=u}} the straightforward equals-sign won't work...
{{tlx|x1|x&#61;u}} {{tlxАшаблон:\sandbox|x1|x=u}}
...but &#61; is okay
{{tlx|x1|x{{=}}u}} {{tlxАшаблон:\sandbox|x1|x=u}}
...and {{=}} is okay
{{tlx|x1|<nowiki>x=u</nowiki>}} {{tlxАшаблон:\sandbox|x1|x=u}}
sticky nowiki also okay
{{tlx|x2| |two}} {{tlxАшаблон:\sandbox|x2| |two}} empty won't work...
{{tlx|x2|&#32;|two}} {{tlxАшаблон:\sandbox|x2| |two}}
...but &#32; is okay
{{tlx|x2|&nbsp;|two}} {{tlxАшаблон:\sandbox|x2| |two}}
...&nbsp; is also okay
{{tlx|x2|<nowiki />|two}} {{tlxАшаблон:\sandbox|x2||two}}
<nowiki /> handles the space
{{tlx|x2| &#124; two}} {{tlxАшаблон:\sandbox|x2| | two}}
&#124; is okay
{{tlx|x2| {{!}} two}} {{tlxАшаблон:\sandbox|x2 | | two}}
{{!}} is dubious
{{tlx|x2|2=|3=two}} {{tlxАшаблон:\sandbox|x2|2=|3=two}} empty really doesn't work
{{tlx|x2|2=one|two}} {{tlxАшаблон:\sandbox|x2|two}} "two" overrides "2=one"
{{tlx|x2|3=two|2=one}} {{tlxАшаблон:\sandbox|x2|3=two|2=one}}
irregular parameter order is okay
Unlimited parameters as one <nowiki>...</nowiki> string

See also

  • {{tlxb}}, a version of {{tlx}} where the template name is shown in bold.
    {{tlb}}, a version of {{tl}} where the template name is shown in bold.
  • {{temt}}, a version of {{tlx}} that handles templates whose names include "Template:" and pages outside the Template: namespace that are treated as templates.
  • {{para}}, for the presentation of template parameters and values (e.g. |paraname=val, |another=).
  • {{tnull}}, like {{tlx}} without linking the template.

Template-linking templates

General-purpose formatting

Comparison of template-linking templates according to the styles of generated text and link produced
Text style ↓ {{tlg}} options[note 1]
to achieve text style
Link style
Linked Unlinked Linked with subst Unlinked with subst Linked including braces Linked with alternative text
{{tlg}} options[note 1]
to achieve link style
Н/а DEFAULT nolink=yes subst=yes nolink=yes|subst=yes braceinside=yes alttext=Foo
normal DEFAULT {{tlg}}[note 1]
{{tlp|1|2|...}}[note 2]
{{Template:tlu}}[note 3]
{{tlf}}[note 2]
<template link>
Ашаблон:Tlsu[note 3]
{{tlsf}}[note 2]
<template link>
{{tn}} {{tla}}
code code=yes {{tl2}}
Ашаблон:Tlxu[note 3]
{{tlc}}[note 2]
<template link>
{{tnull}}<template link>
{{subst:tlxs}} Ашаблон:Tlsc[note 2]
<template link>
monospace plaincode=yes[note 4] Н/а {{subst:tltss}}[note 5] Н/а
kbd kbd=yes[note 5]
bold bold=yes {{tlb}} Н/а
bold+code bold=yes|code=yes {{tlxb}}
italic+code italic=yes|code=yes {{tlxi}}
  1. 1,0 1,1 1,2 {{tlg}} is the most general template, allowing any combination of text style and/or link style options.
  2. 2,0 2,1 2,2 2,3 2,4 Prevents wrapping of text by placing it inside <span class="nowrap">...</span> tags.
  3. 3,0 3,1 3,2 Allows links to templates in any namespace.
  4. {{tlg|plaincode=yes}} uses <code style="border:none; background-color:transparent;">...</code>.
  5. 5,0 5,1 Displays monospaced font using <span style="font-family:monospace;">...</span>.

Other formatting templates

Templates producing specialised formatting effects for given templates, modules or parameters
Code example Effect Notes
{{tl2|Hatnote|lang=fr}} {{hatnote}} Supports linking to sister projects (e.g., fr:Hatnote)
{{demo|<nowiki>{{Hatnote|lang=fr|Some text}}</nowiki>}} {{hatnote|lang=fr|Some text}} Shows code and example
{{tln|Hatnote}} Ашаблон:Tln Produces a normal link to the template
Formats wikilink, with optional piped link text and blended suffix
{{ml|Example|hello}} Ашаблон:Ml Counterpart to {{tl}} for linking to Lua modules
{{mlx|Example|hello}} {{#invoke:Example|hello}} Counterpart to {{tlx}} for linking to Lua modules
{{ml-lua|Module:Example|hello}} Ашаблон:Ml-lua Link to Lua modules and built-in libraries, showing Lua code.
{{para|title|<var>book title</var>}} |title=book title Formats template parameters for display, with or without values
{{sclx|LASTING}} Ашаблон:Sclx Takes a shortcut suffix in project namespace and displays it with brackets and the WP: alias in a <code>...</code> tag.
Formats [X]HTML tags; can add content, choose opening, closing, or self-closing
{{dtl|Ping project}} Ашаблон:Dtl Wikidata counterpart to {{tl}}
Parser function equivalent to {{tl}}
{{magic word|uc:}} Ашаблон:Magic word Magic word links

With utility links

Templates producing utility links for a given template (Hatnote used here as example)
Code example Effect
{{lt|Hatnote}} Ашаблон:Hatnote (аредакциазура | ахцәажәара | аҭоурых | азхьарԥшқәа | ашьклаԥшра | ажурналқәа)
{{lts|Hatnote}} Ашаблон:Hatnote(аредакциазура ахцәажәара азхьарԥшқәа аҭоурых)
{{t links|Hatnote}} Ашаблон:T links
{{tfd links|Hatnote}} Ашаблон:Tfd links
{{tetl|Hatnote}} Ашаблон:Tetl
{{tsetl|Hatnote}} Ашаблон:Tsetl
{{ti|Hatnote}} Ашаблон:Hatnote (ахцәажәара • азхьарԥшқәа • аредакциазура)
{{tic|Hatnote}} Ашаблон:Tic
{{tim|Hatnote}} Ашаблон:Tim
{{tiw|Hatnote}} Ашаблон:Hatnote (backlinks аредакциазура)
{{tlt|Hatnote}} Ашаблон:Tlt
{{ttl|Hatnote}} Ашаблон:Ttl
{{twlh|Hatnote}} Ашаблон:Twlh


TemplateData documentation used by VisualEditor and other tools

Документация TemplateData для шаблона: Tlx

Show example template usage without expanding the template itself. {{tnull}} is similar without linking the template.

Параметры шаблона[Править данные шаблона]

Шаблон использует строчное форматирование параметров.

Template name1

Name of the template to link

Имя шаблонаобязательный
1st parameter2

без описания

Строковый (без форматирования)необязательный
2nd parameter3

без описания

Строковый (без форматирования)необязательный
3rd parameter4

без описания

Строковый (без форматирования)необязательный
4th parameter5

без описания

Строковый (без форматирования)необязательный
5th parameter6

без описания

Строковый (без форматирования)необязательный
6th parameter7

без описания

Строковый (без форматирования)необязательный
7th parameter8

без описания

Строковый (без форматирования)необязательный
8th parameter9

без описания

Строковый (без форматирования)необязательный
9th parameter10

без описания

Строковый (без форматирования)необязательный
10th parameter11

без описания

Строковый (без форматирования)необязательный

без описания


Set to any value to show "subst:" before the template name

Логическое значениенеобязательный

For a link to Wikipedias in other languages

Строковый (без форматирования)необязательный

For an interwiki link to other sister projects

Строковый (без форматирования)необязательный